Glass Splashback

In recent times many discerning customers have been including our glass splashback into their new kitchen or bathroom design. We have found that designer glass used as a splashback in the kitchen not only maintains its appearance but is a perfectly hygienic surface. Toughened designer glass doesn’t have the problems that a tile surface has. A glass splashback is an great kitchen accessory that keeps its stylish new appearance for many, many years.

A glass splashback maintains its appearance, because unlike tiled surfaces, there is no grouting to capture grease and grime. A kitchen needs a surface that can be easily cleaned, and a kitchen splashback is the perfect kitchen accessory. Whether you are planning a new kitchen or renovating your old one, our glass splashback will add a touch of class and practicality.

Why not choose a glass splashback for your outdoor entertaining area? Add a touch of glass to the traditional BBQ.